Our Team
Name CA Qualifying Years Other Qualification
Tankeshwar Prasad 1999 FCA
T. PRASAD & CO. has established practice groups to serve its clients' diverse needs:
  • Auditing (Internal & Statutory Audit).
  • Taxation (Direct & Indirect Taxation).
  • Service Tax
  • ESI, PF
  • ROC Matters
  • Project financing
  • Valuation & Due Diligence
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Management of NRI Accounts
While specialization is essential in today's professional world, T. PRASAD & CO. Recognizes that clients 'needs often transcend specialties. Therefore, the firm places the resources of all practice groups at the disposal of all clients
T. PRASAD & CO. has diversified experience of auditing, like, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Concurrent audit, Stock Audit, Sales Tax Audit, and Company Audit. Company has ample experience of handling audit of Indian companies as well as multinational companies. We are also statutory auditor of State bank of India and Allahabad Bank.
In Direct tax matter our firm mainly practices in the Assessment of Returns and filing ITRs of Companies, Group Housing Society, Trust, NGOs, Firm, BOI, AOP and Individuals. Direct Taxation like, Income Tax, Wealth Tax and Indirect Taxation, Like Service Tax, VAT, Sales Tax, Works Contract Tax matter..
T. PRASAD & CO. engages in an exceptionally sophisticated, broad-based tax practice, touching on many different economic sectors. The firm advice clients on tax planning issues relating to the establishment of a corporate business presence in India and the subsequent conduct of business in general and by such corporate entities. The taxation team advises clients on income tax, gift tax, wealth tax, sales tax, stamp duty, works contract tax transactional taxes and local device such as services tax. Advice is provided on various individuals and personal tax matter including those relevant to expatriate present in India.
The firm is actively involved in providing tax-related advice on acquisitions, mergers, d mergers, absorption's, reorganization and restructuring of business. In providing tax related advice on transactions, the firm has coordinated complex transaction and developed excellent working relationships with a variety of international tax and financial advisors.
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